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Additionally, there is an App Service Plan (ASP) called STICKYSLOT-ASP that runs an Azure App Service Web App called stickyslot with a deployment slot named testing. All of which are contained within a Resource Group called STICKSLOT-RG. Figure 1, best case, App Service architecture diagram. Here is a very good article that discusses sticky slots.

Azure API Apps – API service | Microsoft Azure Azure API Apps give you the tools to develop, host, secure, and share REST APIs in your organization or with the world. Příklad: Získávání spuštění – Knowledge Exploration Service API Použijte rozhraní API služby KES (Knowledge Exploration Service) k vytvoření modulu pro interaktivní hledání v akademických publikacích. Comparison: Azure App Services vs Cloud Services Microsoft Azure provides multiple ways to deploy your applications to the Azure cloud. Read a comparison between Azure App Services vs Cloud Services. Support WebApp deployment slots for Endpoints – Customer

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Creating a Deployment Slot. I have a single web app, called petri, running in an app service plan, called bww. An Azure Web App Without DeploymentThe deployment slot also has its own URL, which is based on its own name and the name of the original web app. In my case, the URL of the... Programmatically finding Deployment Slot from... -… I’ve seen a number of threads on MSDN forums for Windows Azure where folks want to know if their application is running in “Production” or “Staging” slot in a Windows Azure hosted service.By its design, Windows Azure does not differentiate between a “Staging” and a “Production” deployment. Deploying cloud services to Azure with Powershell

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I had a similar problem whenever Microsoft decided to update my VMs, every time they do an update, they shut down the VMs, do the actual ... Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Part 3: Service Package - Simple Talk Aug 19, 2014 ... As you can see you don't really deploy to a Cloud Service, but rather to a deployment environment (or a slot) of that Cloud Service. Each Cloud ...